What Newport News Public School Teachers are saying about VASC


5th grade “HOLMES HOTSHOTS” just left the MATH LAB and it was such a motivating, exhilarating, titillating experience for myself and my students.  We just can’t SHUT UP about it!!  The students are now discussing how we can improve the centers in our classroom (and I thought I was doing a good job) to mimic their experience in the lab. Additionally, I had the opportunity to attend a professional development offered by the VASC, where we were able to learn about investigations and problem solving which tied in nicely with our math lab activities.


Our students actually enjoy the math lab. I love the games that have been purchased especially for Place Value and Addition and Subtraction. It motivates our students and helps them to understand the concepts. I sometimes check the games out to use in the class room.  Another valuable component to the math lab is the unique partnership established with VA Air and Space Center. Teachers participated in professional development opportunities that helped enhance the math lab activities!


Math Lab has been an awesome experience this year. The station activities are review as well as an opportunity to explore units that are upcoming. The students also enjoy the journaling center where they are given an opportunity to write about math. They look forward to coming in each week to see if their journal entry has been posted for all to read. The Wii is the highlight of the Lab. The students challenge themselves with the games to see who can get the highest score and try to guess how the scores will be used at the next station where often they have to add scores or even combine scores and then divide to get the average. My students look forward to every Wednesday because they know they are going to the Math Lab!


The Math Lab was a huge success. Much of the success is due in part to the partnership with Virginia Air and Space Center. Their professional development was exciting and assisted in teachers and students gaining valuable knowledge of the many components of STEM.  In the math lab, the students were given the opportunity to work on skills that were taught in the class and it provided them with different ways (games, manipulatives, technology) and even a different instructor to master skills taught. Students also had the opportunity to visit new skills that we had not covered yet, and this made mastery of new concepts much easier. 


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