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New Hands-on Exhibit • OPENS SEPTEMBER 30, 2011

Entry- Meet the Crew!

To truly feel like a part of the team, children and their families can interact with life-sized three-dimensional show characters when they enter the exhibit and perhaps snap a quick picture when they leave.

Bob the Builder™’s Mobile Home

Children and families can pass through a facade of Bob the Builder™'s special mobile home built especially to help him get the job done in Sunflower Valley! Inside the trailer, activities and messages will include:

  1. Blueprint Bulletin Board - See blueprints of Sunflower valley hanging the walls and parents will be able to read simple messages that introduce the show's story line and main messages.  Children can flip through blueprints to see Bob's plan.
  2. Bob the Builder™'s Big Plan - Watch short clips from the popular series that explain the job Bob and his team have to do to create an eco-friendly community in Sunflower valley.
  3. Fix a Sink - In addition to the work tables, children will also be able to use play wrenches to fit pipes together and repair Bob's mobile home sink.

The Vehicle Shelter

Children and families will be able to walk inside and interact with a life-size version of the Vehicle Shelter.  In this area, they will:

  1. Drive their favorite machine - Roley, Scoop, Muck and Dizzy building vehicles will be available for children to climb on.
  2. Building a Shelter- Shape Sorting and Wall Building - After "driving” and making believe, children will be able to spend time shape sorting with stones to complete the back wall of the shelter and fitting together wooden planks to complete the "stalls” that hold the vehicles.

Bob the Builder™'s Workshop

Children and families will be able to enter a life-size replication of Bob the Builder™'s new workshop in Sunflower valley to explore tools and materials. Inside, they will:

  1. Operate Equipment Like a Pro - Kid-friendly play versions of machines including a drill press and circular saw will be available for children to operate.
  2. Design a Blueprint - a light-box table with special areas to trace shapes and design on blueprint paper will be available for children and families to create their own building plans to make roads and structures.  Visuals of Bob's own blueprints will be hung on a bulletin board for reference.
  3. Fix a Sink - In addition to the work tables, children will also be able to use play wrenches to fit pipes together and repair Bob's workshop sink.

Wendy's Caravan

Wendy's specially designed trailer serves as her new home away from Bobsville. Activities on and around the trailer include:

  1. Decorate the Caravan - Using removeable decals, children will be able to place flowers and other fun shapes on the outside of the trailer.
  2. Plant Flowers and a Garden - Children will be able to work as a team while digging, sowing, planting, watering, weeding and matching flowers and vegetables to their correct geometric-shaped holes.

Farmer Pickle’s Water Pump

At the water pump, children will use blue balls to represent water and then will have to work collaboratively to 'pump' the balls from the well in the ground, through a pump, into a tank and out the other side into a water bucket.