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Permanent Exhibits
Space Gallery

Space Quest:
Exploring the Moon,
Mars & Beyond

Traveling Exhibits

In addition to our permanent exhibits, visitors
can also enjoy exploring our featured traveling exhibits.

Design Zone

Coming Soon

What does it tale to create a video game, line up rhythms like the best DJs, or design a roller coaster that produces the biggest thrills?

Whether it is art, music, or engineering, it takes math and science to meet these design challenges. In Design Zone, you can go behind the scenes and see how video game developers, music producers, roller coaster designers and other creative problem solvers use math and science to do the amazing things they do. Step into a DJ recording studio and discover how many beats per second it takes to get bodies moving on the dance floor. Go behind the scenes at a bike race where you can test gear combinations, then pedal to victory as you compete against two other riders on three challenging courses. Enter a video game design studio, figure out the formulas you need to create the on-screen action, then leap through to the next level of your game challenge. Through it all, you’ll solve real-world challenges and discover how math and science are essential to the creative process.