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Summer Science
Cosmic Kids Club

From space to geology, explore your world and beyond, meet special guests and make some really cool things!


You should join our club!
Become a Cosmic Kids Club member and take a different adventure
one Saturday each month. Explore your world and beyond, meet special
guests and make some really cool things!

Ages 6 to 10
(new time and price for 2013)
***Meetings one Saturday each month from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.***
$15.00 per meeting
To register for a meeting, email
2013 Schedule of Meetings

January 12
Snow... Big Deal!
What makes snow white? Can two snowflakes be identical? Investigate aspects of wintry weather, and learn about snow crystals and frost quakes. Make frost! Perform a "magic trick" with an ice cube and a piece of string, race ice cubes, make your own snowflakes to take home, and create a snow globe!

February 9
Secret Codes
AMCEZG KYJIU EU HSZ! Join us for this exhilirating event and learn how to decipher secret codes such as this one. Learn about secret codes throughout history, and then make your own scytale, first used in the 5th century B.C. Make a cipher wheel and cipher disk to encrypt your own messages. Learn how to create a secret message with a pin and newspaper, write with invisible ink, and learn about the heroic contributions of the Navajo Code Talkers.

March 9
Crazy Mixed Up Science Day
Take it to the next level when you help with some amazing scientific experiments. Investigate the scientific principles of density and buoyancy when you experiment with a cauldron of bubbles and work with "Double Bubbles." Track the movement of molecules and discover what makes raisins and spaghetti "dance." Make predictions, observations, and come to a conclusion when you figure out what solutions work best in your experiments. Make some fizzy, bubbly concoctions and determine what chemical made it happen!

April 13
Plants and More Plants
Explore the amazing world of plants! Learn some interesting facts, and examine the anatomy of flowers. Create a poster when you make leaf prints. Examine the germination process of a seed and the flowering plant life cycle. Learn about the important function of a plant's stem and see how it functions. Discover how bonsai are created, learn about bulbs, and then plant your own to take home.

May 11
Biggest Thing in the Universe!
Take a look at some of the biggest things in the universe, from black holes to galaxies. Investigate the unique aspects of these giants, and then use your creative skills to make an asteroid, a galaxy poster, and an amazing Milky Way! Learn some cool astronomy "fast facts," play games, and make your own space trading cards to take home!

June 8
Take a walk on the wild side when you investigate some unusual animals and their adaptations. Explore the role of color in the animal world, examine the various designs of birds' beaks, and investigate the use of camouflage. Play an exciting animal biome game, animal bingo, and design a new species of bird!

July 13
Deserts Around the World
Bring your canteen when you go on an expedition to some of the world's most interesting deserts. Explore the different desert ecosystems that exist and the exotic plants and animals that have adapted to their arid conditions. Make your own sand painting, cactus, and porcupine. Learn some fascinating facts and develop a shape booklet. Create a diorama of a desert ecosystem and write your own story about it.

August 10
Develop your artistic, engineering, and creative skills when you work on building a wide variety of geodesic shapes with your team. Brainstorm together to develop plans, and then practice problem solving. Learn some interesting facts about the history of bridges and their construction, and then experiment with your own construction techniques. Learn how something weak can become strong when you help make a paper table!

September 14
Balloons Galore
Join a vast number of scientific experiments using balloons as you explore static electricity, air pressure, thrust, and sound. Find out how hot air balloons work. Using your ingenuity, participate in some fun activities including balloon powered rocket racers and cars, and create a balloon powered zip line racer. Design your own drum or shaker, and find out how balloons can inflate a balloon!

October 12
What's That In My Food?
Learn about nutrition and the many things found in the things we eat and drink. Find out what is good for you, and the things that are potentially harmful. Learn about the five food groups and then play a game of food group bingo. Make your own food pyramid. Investigate healthy living and create a poster to display your findings. Develop your own story in comic book form.

November 9
Which dinosaur was the smartest? The fastest? Learn amazing dinosaur history and facts, and view fossils for which you have 'dug." Find out about the clues dinosaur footprints give. Create a dinosaur booklet with your favorite dinosaurs. Make a dinosaur puppet, and then design and build a dinosaur diorama complete with dinosaurs and plants!

DECEMBER Saturday Holiday Camps - Club members get $5 off.
There will NOT be a regular club meeting.