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Cool Science Birthday Parties

It’s a birthday party, with a little science, and a lot of fun!
All the cool parents are doing it!

Make your child's next birthday "cool" at the Virginia Air & Space Center!

Cool Science Birthday Parties include:

  • a host and party room for up to 30 people for two hours
  • exhibit admission for all of your party guests
  • Happy Birthday message on the Virginia Air & Space Center’s outdoor marquis
  • FREE downloadable party invitations.

Plus, customize your party with one of our Cool Science Themes for an additional $30.00.  All Cool Science Theme Parties include an interactive Cool Science demonstration and hands-on activity.

Choose from a variety of themes:
Plane Fun Party!

Prepare for take-off as your child pilot’s their own party through an aviation adventure! 

This aviation celebration begins with the birthday child receiving his pilot wings in a pinning ceremony. Birthday guests are presented with co-pilot wings and everyone prepares for take-off as our virtual airplane starts its engines and departs for the wild, blue yonder. Guests will enjoy “in-flight entertainment” with an interactive flight demonstration and exciting scavenger hunt activity. 

Suggested added values include:  MAX Flight Simulator Ride!

Birthday Blast Off!

Your child will have an out-of-this-world birthday as they take a mission to Mars aboard our birthday rocket ship!

This space adventure begins with the birthday child receiving a Commander pin and birthday guests being presented with Mission Specialist pins. Birthday guests are called to a mission briefing, where Space Freeze, an interactive liquid nitrogen demonstration is presented, and guests are briefed on the conditions they will endure in space. A final countdown to Blast Off! and our virtual rocket ship travels to Mars where each crewmember has an opportunity to explore the Mars surface wearing space gear. Birthday mission tasks are performed by our birthday crew from excavating Mars rocks to walking in “moon” shoes. The party continues until re-entry when our astronauts return to Earth.

Suggested added values include: MAX Flight Simulator Ride, Robot Bounce House and Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream!


Your child will love being the lead engineer on a birthday mission to program their own robot!

This birthday party takes place in the Virginia Air & Space Center’s Robo-Lab where your birthday child is pinned Lead Engineer and birthday guests become Programmers. Birthday guests will be briefed on a robotic space mission and the challenges of remote programming. Guests will experience the super-cold of outer space with the Space Freeze demonstration. Then the birthday mission is announced: program a robot to do a certain birthday task. Younger children will experiment with Bee Bots while older children will work with Nex Robots. 

Suggested added values include:  Robot Bounce House and Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream!

Mad Scientist!

What happens when a Mad Scientist plans a birthday party? Electric pickles and other weird science experiments that will turn your child’s party into a mad bash!

The bash is hosted by our very own Mad Scientist who performs a number of hands-on science experiments that will thrill and amaze! The birthday child will be presented with a Mad Scientist badge and birthday guests will receive Jr. Mad Scientist badges. Then the party is transformed into a Mad Science Lab where birthday guests learn to make a pickle glow and try to burn money. Then an electrifying Cool Science demo provides an interactive experience with the Magic of Electricity, featuring the Mad Scientist’s Van de Graff generator. The party isn’t over until everyone has their hair standing on end…no, really!

Presto! Magic Party!

We turn the tables on the traditional “magic” show and teach your birthday child and friends how to perform their very own magic tricks, revealing the science behind them! 

The party begins with your birthday child being pinned as an official Magician.  Birthday guests are presented with Magician assistant pins and the fun begins as our party host reveals the science behind some incredible magic tricks while telling a Magical story.  Guests experiment with some of the simple magic tricks and even get to make a raquet ball pop like a balloon using liquid nitrogen. 

Suggested added values include:  Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream!


CSI: Birthday Detectives!

Turn your guests into CSI detectives as they search for clues and solve a birthday mystery!

This birthday party becomes a crime scene when a birthday mystery occurs, and your birthday child and party guests are recruited to help solve the crime. The birthday child is presented with a Chief Detective pin and birthday guests receive Jr. Detective pins as they are briefed on the situation and directed to search for clues. Party guests will gather evidence and then analyze each piece using liquid nitrogen, fingerprinting and other forensic techniques. Using clues and analyzed evidence guests will solve the mystery and save the birthday party!


Complete your party package with these great added value activities:

  • Space Freeze Demonstration – This liquid nitrogen activity definitely adds the “cool” factor!
  • Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream – Let us make ice cream right before your eyes using liquid nitrogen!  Cool Factor X10!
  • Hampton Carousel Ride – Add a spin on the Hampton Carousel for each of your birthday guests!
  • MAX Flight Simulator Ride – Take flight in this 360 degree flight simulator that rolls, loops and spins.  Yeah, we know, it’s pretty cool. (height restriction)
  • Robot Bounce-House – Birthday parties aren’t complete without a bounce-house! 
  • 3D IMAX Experience – Add an IMAX film in our giant-screen theater.  Films vary from educational to Hollywood Blockbusters, so ask about our current schedule.

AND, you can create your party favor bags right in our Imagination Station: One Stop Science Shop  Choose from Space Ice Cream, science kits and more!

Party Pricing:

Cool Science Party:  $220.00
(Includes host, exhibit admission, party room for two-hours up to 30 people)

Customized Cool Science Theme: $30.00
(Choose from a variety of themes.  Includes interactive Cool Science demonstration and hands-on activity)

Space Freeze Demonstration:  $30.00
(For parties that don’t already include liquid nitrogen)


Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream: $1 per person

Hampton Carousel Ride – $1 per person

MAX Flight Simulator Ride – $3 per person

Robot Bounce House – $1 per person

3D IMAX Experience – (varies per film – ask for current schedule)

Parents are responsible for ice cream, cake, decorations,
paper products and any food or drinks!

Thank you for arranging Sean's Birthday party last weekend.
He had a fabulous time and has decided that he wants to become a Scientist
now as well as an Astronaut. I would definitely recommend your museum
to my friends who are interested in birthday parties or summer camps! ~Tiffany