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General Information
Take flight to the Virginia Air & Space Center,
the visitor center for NASA Langley Research Center
and Langley Air Force Base!

Located in Hampton, Virginia, the birthplace of America’s space program, the Virginia Air & Space Center features interactive aviation exhibits spanning100 years of flight, more than 30 historic aircraft, a hands-on space gallery, unique space flight artifacts, and more! Your imagination will soar as you launch a rocket, pilot a space shuttle, program Mars rovers for a mission, become an air traffic controller, fly an airplane, and climb aboard a WWII bomber! Come face to face with the Apollo 12 Command Module that went to the moon, a Mars meteorite, a three-billion-year-old moon rock, a DC-9 passenger jet, a replica 1903 Wright Flyer, and more!

There is always something new landing at the Virginia Air & Space Center! Experience a 3D IMAX film in the giant-screen Riverside IMAX have to see it to believe it! Or explore the wonderful world of science with one of our blockbuster changing exhibits! Don’t forget to top off your visit with a spin on the Hampton Carousel, a restored, turn-of-the-century carousel adjacent to the Virginia Air & Space Center.

NASA Partnership:
The Virginia Air & Space Center is the visitor center for
NASA Langley Research Center and Langley Air Force Base.

Community Partnerships:
Capital construction cost $30 million.
Developed through the joint efforts of the City of Hampton and NASA Langley Research Center.
Initially funded through a combination of city funds, state grants and private philanthropy.
Current operations funded primarily through earned revenue, with additional support from NASA Langley Research Center and private philanthropy

Opened: April 5, 1992
Size: 110,000 square feet; nine stories high on 2.2 acres
Organization: A non-profit 501-C-3 corporation governed by a Board of Directors.


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The donations from Change for Charity represent 100% of net ticket proceeds and a percentage of meter revenues.  The more guests park at Peninsula Town Center metered locations throughout the year, the more charities will earn - so spread the word! When guests feed the meters and pay their tickets, donations on your behalf support local charities.

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The Change for Charity Meter Program is one of the most recognizable components of the Peninsula Town Center Community Foundation due to the direct relationship that exists between your parking meter and ticket payments and local charities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Virginia Air & Space Center is to
educate, entertain and inspire explorers of all ages.

Handicap Access
The Center is attentive in meeting all the needs of its visitors. Convenient ramps and an elevator allow easy access to all areas and levels of the Center, including the IMAX® Theater. Wheelchairs are available at the Admissions Desk. Rear Window Closed Captioning for the hearing impaired is available for selected IMAX® films. Please see a visitor service representative for details.

The Virginia Air & Space Center welcomes all visitors regardless of race, national origin,
ethnicity, religion, gender, marital status, parental status, veteran status, age, disability or any
other protected characteristic. The Center recognizes that each visitor is entitled to be treated with respect, dignity and courtesy and will strive to provide a safe, healthful and pleasant experience. The Center will apply this policy in a fair, uniform, and consistent manner. This policy is designed
to protect the well-being and rights of all visitors, to ensure safety and accessibility, compliance
with applicable federal, state and local laws, and accomplishment of the Center’s objectives

Special Thanks to Cox Communications for providing the Virginia Air & Space Center telephone, e-mail and internet services.