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Now Showing in IMAX!

Imagination Station

Hampton Carousel

With the popularity of antique carousels at its peak, Hampton's restored 1920 merry-go-round has drawn thousands of visitors to the city's downtown waterfront. One of only 200 antique carousels still in the United States, the Hampton Carousel is a rare and beautiful example of American folk art. Its prancing steeds and stately chariots were painstakingly carved from fine-grained hardwood and painted by German, Italian and Russian immigrant artisans. Click here for more information

• $2 per Ride
• Carousel Ride Pass: 25 rides for $25
Ultimate Ride Pass (Multi-Ride Punch Card): $15



This simulator allows riders complete control to 360 degree pitch, roll, loop, spin and spiral action while viewing MaxFlight's thrilling dynamic Virtual
Flight Combat program on a huge 58" screen in the cockpit. Click here for more information

• $4 per Ride
Ultimate Ride Pass (Multi-Ride Punch Card): $15