Programs: K-2

Balls, Ramps and Rolling Things

SOL: K.4b,d; 1.2a,c

Explore the world of force and motion! Investigate gravity, magnets, and friction! Can you identify a heavy object? Build a ramp to learn how gravity makes different objects move!

Does It Grow?

SOL: K.7; K.9b-c; 1.4; 1.5; 2.4

Learn all about the life cycle of different plants and animals! How are they similar and different? Identify the parts of a flower! Determine the different characteristics of different plants! Can you collect enough game cards to complete the life cycle?

Engineering through the Ages

SOL: Science 2.1; Social Studies 2.1, 2.3; Mathematics 2.20

Can you identify the different structures that were built by Egyptians, Romans, or Greeks? These different architectural designs from ancient civilizations have a powerful effect on modern day construction! Hypothesize what type of structure can hold the most weight! How did NASA engineers design the International Space Station?

Jr. Mad Scientist

SOL: K.1; 1.1; 2.1

Observe! Question! Predict! Test! Conclude! Discover how we use the scientific method everyday by watching simple experiments! How can a gas be created from a solid and a liquid? Learn why our senses are so important when participating in science! Watch what would happen if we sent a marshmallow to space!


SOL: K.3; 1.2c; 2.2

How do magnets work? Experiment with different objects to learn about magnetic attraction! Discover magnetic poles! Where do we use magnets in our everyday life? Use a compass to find your way around town!

Space Colony

SOL: K.4; K.6; 1.5; 2.5

Be an astronaut for a day! Play a game to identify things that humans need to survive on Earth! Check out a real life spacesuit! Learn how NASA astronauts designed spacecraft to keep humans safe! How do astronauts survive on the International Space Station?

Space Freeze

SOL: 1.1; 2.1; 2.3

Why is liquid nitrogen so important to NASA? Explore the effects of extreme temperature change on the different phases of matter! Create a cloud in your classroom! Can we freeze air? Discover what happens when metals get just as cold as space!

Weather or Not

SOL: K.9a; 1.7; 2.6

Learn how to collect weather data using different weather instruments! Read a weather map! What happens in the water cycle? Determine which clothes you should wear outside during different types of weather!

What’s the Matter?

SOL: K.5; 1.3; 2.3

Can you identify a solid, a liquid and a gas? How are they different? Watch ice turn into water, then watch water turn into steam! What happens when a solid and liquid mix?


Interactive curriculum-enhancing programs and demonstrations teach the basic principles of science, aviation and space technology. Students are challenged to develop inquiry skills and use hands-on investigation to explore, investigate, experiment, and find solutions to scientific problems.