Programs: Pre-K

It Matters

Foundation Blocks: Science 1a, b, d, 3f

Can you identify a solid, a liquid and a gas? How are they different? Watch ice turn into water, then watch water turn into steam! What happens when a solid and liquid mix?


Foundation Blocks: Science 2a, b

How do magnets work? Experiment with different objects to learn about magnetic attraction! Discover magnetic poles! Where do we use magnets in our everyday life?

Space Cadets

Foundation Blocks: Science 4a

Be an astronaut for a day! Identify things that humans need to survive on the Moon! Check out a real life spacesuit! How do astronauts survive on the International Space Station?


Interactive curriculum-enhancing programs and demonstrations teach the basic principles of science, aviation and space technology. Students are challenged to develop inquiry skills and use hands-on investigation to explore, investigate, experiment, and find solutions to scientific problems.