STEM Saturday – Black History Celebration – Engineering

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*Each activity will be based on an achievement by an African American person in history

Build a functioning heart model

  • Vivien Thomas: Invented a surgical technique that allowed for the first successful open heart surgeries on children

Learn how the heart pumps blood through the body by using everyday items


Design your own elevator

  • Alexander Miles: Designed automatic closing doors for elevators

Make a pulley and learn how this simple machine is responsible for moving elevators up and down


Constellation Telescopes

  • Arthur Walker Jr. : Developed normal incidence multilayer XUV telescopes to photograph the solar corona

Study the stars like Walker and build your own constellation telescope to take home!


Build a table that can hold 25 pennies

  • Charles William Allen: Invented the self-leveling table that allowed for stabilization and less wobbling

See if you can engineer a table made of paper that can hold 25 pennies!