STEM Saturday – Women in STEM (Career Focused)

Activities from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm!

DNA Keychains

Rosalind Elsie Franklin was a chemist who made brought to light the structures of DNA

  • Just like Franklin, learn about the sequences that create DNA!

Engineer your own Bridge

Emily Roebling: known for her role as Chief Engineer during the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge

  • Channel your inner engineer and design your own bridge that can hold up to 100 pennies!

Functioning Lung Model

Florence Nightingale: known as the founder of nursing and for her care of wounded soldiers

  • Explore the human body like Florence Nightingale, and learn how our lungs work!

Stomp Rockets

Mae Jemison: The first African American woman to go up into space

  • Mae Jemison went to space, now let’s see how far your rocket can go!

Colorful Creations

Alma Thomas: an African American expressionist painter. She was the first African American woman to have her work displayed in a public area of the White House.

  • Explore colors like Alma Thomas and make your own work of art!